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01/19/2008 11:18

this is my first time trying something like this if you like the site click the blue comment bit and leave a comment

01/20/2008 02:12

This is a great site n and i`m sure it will get better as it goes , well done to to the webmaster and good luck mate !

steph ( hibeecub )
01/20/2008 12:20

Great site, well done keep up the good work

01/21/2008 10:44

Good to see another informative site up and running. Read about it on the Calton forum.

03/06/2008 04:00

well informative and well done keep up the good work

03/06/2008 11:00

Site's looking good and very informative Super. Keep it up!

03/07/2008 06:25

great site there thomas lots of good info,,keep up the good work my friend,,catch you soon in shankill radio,.ernie.

03/15/2008 01:21

Well done Super mate great info on here keep it up mate xx

david mccaughey
04/28/2008 08:07

in memory of my uncle volunteer william mcgregor glasgow who died suddenly on the 23 april 08 loved always may he stand with the battalion of the dead here lies a soldier david sarah and wee scott

07/16/2008 11:25

Wot can i say a super site well done to all,keep up the good work. Best wishes from Liverpool.

07/17/2008 09:09

Iloved the shankill road especially Carlow Street If anyone has photos of the old carlow street I would truly love to see them Frances

09/09/2008 14:01

loved the site , it's been a while since i last visited the Shankill Road.
fond memories of the orange cross club & the rex bar.
the section on the Shankill Protestant Boys F.B. was exceptional.

11/09/2008 12:17

love the site thomas. well done chum!! im sure ppl will enjoy readin all the stuff u have provided on the website xxx

Billy fleming
01/08/2010 15:17

Hi there have been visiting the Shankill since 1978 and made many friends still going strong now and hopefullysee al the guys in LOL Duke of Manchester Invincibles you know who you are.

William Brian andrews
08/12/2010 02:11

Just a short note to thank you i have just found on your site where my family was buried you don`t know how much this means to me.


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Colin K
10/03/2010 10:47

Hello fellow Shankill Folks.

I lived on the Shankhill in 117 Glenwood Street from the age of 4 till I was 22.

I was great place to grow up. The Stadium, Peter's Hill baths, Mama's chip Shop at the top of Lawnbrook Avenue. Oh, I can still taste the hot peas.

A wee ice cream shop down the road where you got "smokies". Cream soda or brown lemonade with a dollop of icecream and a Cadbury's flake.

Anyone remember the name of that wee shop?
Let me know if you do.

The 11th and 12th of July. Collecting wood for the bonnie. Staying out all night to protect the wood. Then the fire itself. Eating spuds from the embers. Black on the outside, raw on the inside, but salted tasted lovely.

I could go on and on. These days the Shankill's not the same., but one thing never changes. The Shankill Road's spirit!

It was a real pleasure to grow up on the Shankill


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    As a resident of the Shankill i thought i would make a site about the History of the Shankill Road, and also on Protestant Culture. Some sites can be edited by people so the facts on our culture can be distored or erased to suit the agenda of the papacy/roman catholic church


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