My views

The present Day Shankill Road is a lot different from the Shankill Road of old, New house are being build and with the property boom in Northern Ireland/Ulster the prices are pretty high. But we should not forget the hardship endured by the people of the Shankill Road and other Unionist communities at the hands of sf/ira. Lots of men from the Shankill have been murdered during the troubles. The commuinty of the Shankill Road is a resilient community which stuck together in defience of the republican threat to our heritage and their homes, As people know the pope/antichrist roman catholic church are waging a war on protestantism, The protestant community of the Shankill Road and fellow protestants/unionist/loyalists will do what they have done for years and resist any of the papacy's attempt with their various forms of unlawfull secterian so call freedom fighter to wipe out our heritage. The people of the Shankill Road are very proud of their heritage as so our a fellow protestant/unionist/loyalist in scotland and around the world. My view as a resident of the Shankill Road is that it is the best place in the world to live, Our culture is celebrated with joy here on the Road with various parades on the Shankill Through out the year. One typical example of the papacys attempts to eradicate our heritage is their constant unlawful protests against the Whiterock parade,  were i think a 5 minute non secterian walk is in no way secterian. Its hard to put into words how i feel about the Shankill road as it is close to my heart i hope now with the peace process our community might get the chance to help promote our heritage. Their is a lot of people know their history of the Shankill Better than me, But i am proud of the history of the Shankill which some is good and some not so good.