Shankill Bomb

As we all know and remember as if it was yesterday when the sf/ira murders came and bombed the Shankill Road on the 23rd of October 1993 and 9 innocent protestants were killed.  

John Desmond Frizzell 63 yrs old married with three children.

Sharon Mcbride 29 yrs old one child

John Desmond father of Mcbride

George Williamson married with two children

Gillian Williamson married with two children

Evelyn Baird two children

Michelle Baird schoolgirl

Leeanne Murray schoolgirl

This is a list of the people killed in an awful attrocity inflicted on the Shankill community by Republican cowards who throughout the troubles killed and mamed hundreds if not thousands of innocent protestants.

"Lest we forget"

Other Ira attrocities against innocent protestants

As we all know their has been a lot of hurt inflicted on the protestant community by the republican movement. Days like Bloody Friday, Enniskillen Bombing were 11 people were killed and 63 injured.  These are just a few of the attrocities commited by the republican movement. As Protestants we will  all remember or have been touched in some way by an ira attrocity.