Social housing on the shankill

As most people will know that social housing in many loyalists parts of belfast are in the decline. Their is a campagin on the Shankill Road called save our Shankill. These big money property developers our constantly buying up land on the Shankill Road and meeting the needs of the yuppies who live in places outside belfast but work in belfast. These people our buying these apartments and pricing the working class people of the area out. Their is not enough social housing in the area the housing executive and the city council seem to be doing nothing to address the housing problems not only on the Shankill but also Sandy Row the Village. I think it is unacceptable that the needs of a community that has been living and working on the Shankill road our being discriminated in favour of these upper class morons. I will add an exctract from the shankill mirror below.


Extract from the Shankill Mirror


Almost thirty five years ago, community activists amongst the ordinary people of the Shankill had the vision and foresight to stop government and developers in their tracks and say NO! They said No to attempts to simply bulldoze huge swathes of land, to artificially segregate community from community and to deny many people the basic human right of a decent home in which to live, thus was started the Save the Shankill Campaign and began a long and arduous campaign by ordinary folk who were not prepared to stand by and watch as their community was destroyed by those who were elected and employed to uphold that basic human right.

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